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American ruling pen
American ruling pen Ref: BA05000

Strong and efficient "ruling pen", as created for cursive and modern calligraphy. Made from two adjustable brass blades, Oregon pine handle, by an unsurpassable American craftsman. A beautiful and professional object indeed

Total length 190 mm

Price : 60,00 € / $63.00 TTC


Swedish ruling penSwedish ruling pen Ref: BA05050

Stainless steel adjustable ruling pen. Its large and thick head allows all kinds of mediums for strikingly creative lines, such as the followers of Friedrich Poppl (1923-1982) do.

NB It seems that this excellent tool won't be produced anymore

School ruling penSchool ruling pen Ref: BA05040

Traditional school ruling pen for accute drawing strokes and, specifically, Roman capital letters. Made in Germany from stainless steel with a black plastic handle. Total length 115 mm

Price : 3,00 € / $3.15 TTC


Folded ruling pen
Folded ruling pen Ref: BA05010

The "Cola Pen" idea but made comfortable, strong and professional. Brass and black plastic

Total length 195 mm, of the nib 30 mm

Price : 35,00 € / $36.75 TTC


Calligraphy Catalog | WESTERN CALLIGRAPHY | Special nibs with holder |  Ruling pens etc.


New products

"The Eighteen Immortals"

75,00 € / $78.75

Each inkstick shows a miniature in gold ink of a famous person in Chinese mythology. While they are made of good quality ink (made at Lao Hu Kaiwen), the tradition is to keep them unused. Many Chinese scholars were and are fond of collecting as many inksticks as possible. The box is covered with indigo cotton and damasq white silk inside, showing phoenix

Size of each box 240 x 140 x 26 mm, total weight 480g
One inkstick is 60 x 30 x 10 mm, net weight 20 g
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